The World’s First Fresh Food Robot

Helps UAMS Eat Healthier

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences has long wanted a salad bar to help their patients and employees eat healthy, nutritious meals. They even started a “Get Healthy UAMS” initiative to help encourage healthier eating at the hospital.

Space and logistics

The problem?

Sally the Robot enables 24 hour access to fresh food

Healthy eating is great, but it’s even better when it’s cost-effective, as UAMS discovered!

Salad sales have never been higher. Sally’s salads are so popular that it will pay for itself in only 2 months!

The success has been so off the charts that UAMS is placing orders for more Sallys to place in other locations on their campus.

UAMS faced challenges in offering fresh food 24 hours a day. Here’s how Sally helped:

With a 3’x3’ footprint, the robot fit where a salad bar couldn’t, making fresh food an option for UAMS.

Sally enables 24-hour access to fresh food. 39% of sales happen outside of regular hours (9AM-5PM).

The technology minimizes ingredient handling, reducing the spread of illness. No sneeze-guard needed.

All meals come with complete nutritional information, perfect for the Get Healthy UAMS initiative!

Profit Margin Calculator

Revenue Per Day

Profit Per Day

Profit Margin

8 bowls per day to breakeven

Bowls Per Day

    8     10    15    20   25   30  40   50   60   70

Click on a bullet below to see your potential profit margin 

Data is based on the following assumptions: Food + Labor costs of $3.50 per bowl. Sales price per bowl is set at $6.50. Sally the Robot’s cost per day  is $25 (calculated based on a 5-year amortization schedule).

Don’t just take our word for it!

Check out what satisfied UAMS employees have to say.

Sally’s fresh salads are an ideal alternative to a salad bar and fit perfectly with UAMS’ mission to promote a healthier lifestyle.

(Cam Patterson, M.D., MBA, UAMS Chancellor)

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Meet Sally, the salad robot


Meet Sally, a robot serving custom salads at UAMS

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Why Healthy Eating in Hospitals Matters

A California study showed that in many hospitals, vending machines are the only 24-hour food option.1

The same study showed that 81% of foods sold in vending machines does not adhere to school nutrition standards. 

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