Introducing the Fresh Food Robot by Saladworks

Free, easy fresh food service

provided by a salad brand you know and love

You provide a 3’x3’ space for Sally. Saladworks handles the rest.

Revenue Share

Receive a percentage of the revenue on every fresh meal sold


No upfront or labor costs

No equipment purchase, labor, or maintenance costs needed


Ingredients are prepped and stocked daily by Saladworks culinary experts

No training required

Meet Sally,
the Salad Bar Reinvented

Safe, Compact, Customizable

Sally uses groundbreaking robotics to provide the most hygienic custom salad bar experience available on the market.


Instant fresh food

Serve  24/7 on-demand meals that are even fresher and faster than delivery

Serve seasonal Saladworks menus

Health-forward and Delicious

Benefit from the expertise of Saladworks full culinary team who develop fresh and trending menus.

Fresh food service made easy

A delicious, no-cost way to bring the Fresh Food Robot to your facility