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Salad Menus

Menus developed for Sally 2.0

Imagine strolling down the aisles of a summer farmers market. This menu serves bright colors, crisp vegetables, sweet melon, and fresh herbs, coupled with cheeses and healthy proteins for flavor and texture in each chef-inspired salad.

Summer Salads

Serve salad dishes that are recognizable, hearty, engaging, and also easy for you to prepare. This menu is a great way to introduce customers to Sally's revolutionary salad experience.

Salads Evolved

A friendly and versatile curation of dishes that achieve big flavor with low prep and simple cooking techniques. Reach beyond just salad eaters with Reuben and smoked chicken dishes. 

Deli Delight

It's a Breeze

Great summer flavors all wrapped up in one menu with well-seasoned proteins that perfectly contrast with fresh mango and melon.

Spring Salad Menu

This menu takes advantage of Sally's exceptional fresh storage capabilities to deliver crisp produce and delicate herbs. It's straightforward and the preparation is without fuss, using the concept of "speed scratch."

This menu combines the sweetness of spring vegetables with bitter greens to provide a delicious flavor balance. Complex carbs combine with protein to keep your patrons energetic day or night.

Spring Salad Menu 2



Experiential Menus

Menus developed for Sally 2.0


Barbecue Shack

Summer weekends are an excuse to spend days tending the barbecue while enjoying the company of friends. This menu brings nuanced smoked flavors into cold salads and delicious bowls. 

All Day Menu 1

Provide exciting flavor profiles found only in high-end salad bars. This menu delivers hearty bowls inspired by spring veggies and flavors, balanced by a cheesecake dish that satisfies sweet cravings.

Food Experience

All of Chef's secret flavor cravings in once place. Bright, umami-packed bowls full of crunch and other textual contrast. Herby Thai basil, mint, and cilantro sing, counterpoint to the zesty serrano-lime dressing.

All Day Menu 2

Colorful, hearty bowls that can be enjoyed at any time of day. Customers can explore Asian flavors, Peruvian power-packed quinoa, or Italian pasta with meatballs and marinara.

Bento Box

Japanese flavors and textures deliver healthy, colorful salads and bowls. 

Customers will enjoy the flavor profile that ginger, sesame, and soy provide in creating these delicious yet simple-to-prepare recipes.


Flavors that originate from Eastern Mediterranean countries where fresh vegetables and herbs thrive from a sunny, mild climate. Imagine yourself wandering through a regional market, sampling the bounty of these lands.


Starter Menus

Menus developed for Sally 1.0 and Sally 2.0

Classic Salads Menu:

Fiesta Style

Classic Salads Menu: 

Greens and Grains

Classic Salads Menu:

Euro Fusion

Classic Salads Menu:

American Classics