End of Life Policy for Sally 1.0

Product obsolescence of Sally version 1.0 as effective as of the dates set forth below.


End of Sale/End of Support 

Chowbotics is committed to providing the highest level of customer care and support to you while you determine your future strategy for your Sally 1.0. Please read below for key timelines and support options that are now available to you: 

Chowbotics is announcing the end of life for Sally 1.0 with the following rational and way forward. 

The company’s devotion to providing the best product possible for our many customers drives decision making.  Striving to create superior products and customer service has led to innovations and options. Improvements to design, parts with higher reliability, aesthetic features, and software, which will lead to happier customers and end-users have been made, which necessitate the discontinuation of the Sally 1.0.

To help our customers manage their product’s End of Life transition, including the continued support and service of these products, Chowbotics has developed the following standard guidelines for products that have reached the End of Life phase of the product life cycle. Chowbotics reserves the right to revise these guidelines from time to time at Chowbotics’ sole discretion. 



End of Life (EOL)

EOL is the business process where a product is made to be obsolete and therefore unsupported. 

End of Availability (EOA) 

EOA date is when a product is no longer available for sale as a new or standard product. All-time periods pertaining to the End of Life phase of a particular product are measured from this date. 

End of Service (EOS)

EOS date is when a product will no longer be eligible for updates, technical support, or hardware repair or replacement. 

End of Service 


The End of Service date is five (5) years after the product End of Life Announcement date unless otherwise specified by separate announcement or customer service contract. Until this date, software updates, technical support, hardware repairs and RMA procedures remain in force, unchanged from before the End of Life announcement. After this date, software updates, technical support, hardware repairs and RMA procedures will end. 


Chowbotics reserves the right to extend certain services beyond the EOS date at its sole discretion. Conversely, hardware repairs may be limited due to component availability constraints. If any critical parts become unavailable before the EOS date, which affect our ability to provide a system repair or component replacement, Chowbotics will make an updated EOS Supplemental announcement stating which components are affected. 


More Information

Should you have any questions about this end of availability communication, or for assistance in understanding the options available to you, please contact your Chowbotics sales representative. When providing information, please include your name, country, phone number, company name, and product number.  


In addition, for technical assistance and information, please call our support phone at 831-246-9268.  Chowbotics once again wishes to thank you for choosing Sally 1.0. We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to serve your business needs in the future